Tumbling & Trampoline

Tumbling & Trampoline Classes are forming NOW !!
What is Tumbling and Trampoline you ask?
Tumbling and Trampoline is one of the fastest growing sports for kids! Unlike traditional gymnastics, it consists of three events: trampoline, double mini and power tumbling!

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Trampoline is for recreational students and for those who want to compete. For a competitive student they will perform a routine that consist of ten skills in a row in the middle of the trampoline. For recreational students they receive all of the trampoline benefits, without the competitions. Students will learn anything from the basics: jumps, seat drops, front and back flips to advanced skills such as twisting, doubles, and more! Trampoline is great for control, coordination, and focus.

Double mini is similar to the vault in traditional gymnastics. Students run and jump onto the double mini and perform two skills, then land on a landing surface with a stick. Competitive students will perform 2 to 3 passes, depending on the age level of the student. Recreational students learn different skills and combinations to teach body awareness, coordination and balance.

Power tumbling is done on either our rod floor, competition style gymnastics floor, or panel mats. Competitive students perform two passes of various lengths depending on levels. Any where from rolls, to walkovers, to tumbling all the way down the floor with no hands. Recreational students have many tumbling options; basics: rolls, cartwheels, round offs, or back handsprings. They can also learn skills that aid in cheerleading such as standing back tucks. Tumbling teaches strength and flexibility!

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