Girls Recreational Program

Our girls recreational program begins with the core basics on each event and learning to master them, progressing from the beginning level to the advanced. Upon each move up, a new more difficult set of skills are required to be mastered.

Evaluations are given by their coach and evaluated for move up. Through out the year we will also host fun meets for the kids and their parents so the kids have their opportunity to show off and display the skills and new confidence they’ve acquired. Our recreational classes are structured to be productive and fun. We know how to coach both!

Many people have asked about team and competition. If you’re interested in this, please state it in the ‘comment’ section when you pre-enroll. Although having a strong competitive team is a goal of ours, it is not necessarily priority as we start out. But that depends on the demand from you. So just let us know what you want!


Boys Recreational Program


Like the girls program, our boys program is also progressive in that certain skills will be mastered before moving up to the next level. Each student knows what those skills are and knows how they need to be mastered prior to a move.

We have a complete set of boys equipment to get them acquainted with and our boys program is specifically overseen by Jerry himself. Boys will gain confidence, strength and endurance. If your son is interested in team, please state it in the comments section when you pre-register. We will also be forming a boys team so get on our list today!

To see out schedule and fees click here.